Devi Skandamata: The symbol of love and affection

Navratri festival symbolizes the victory of positivity over negativity. Our mind is a blend of emotions and we have to tame, condition these emotions in order to make ourselves conducive for growth. In this auspicious Navratri, we need to focus on this goal of life. The first three days of the spiritual Navratri are tamasic, following three days are rajasic and final three are sattvic, which forecasts our emotions in life. To succeed in our life we need all these emotions to co-exist. This Navratri is also significant in its spiritual aspects too.

Maa Skandamata

Today we enter the fifth day of the Navratri. On this day devotees will worship Devi Skandamata. Devi Parvati got this name when she became the mother of Lord Skanda (Lord Kartikeya). Hence Mata Parvati is known as Skandamata. By worshipping Skandamata, devotees believe to be blessed by treasures, salvation, power and prosperity. On worshipping her, she also provides wisdom to even the most illiterate persons. One who is truly devoted to her is believed to attain all the treasures and success in life.

Devi Skandamata is the motherly form of Goddess Durga. Hence, she also is known as the Goddess of endurance. Her iconography is depicted as mounted on a lion. She composes four hands, holding lotus in the upper two hands. One hand of her depicts Abhaya Mudra. She also carries the six-faced infant Lord Kartikeya in her lap. Lord Kartikeya is also known as Lord Murugan in South India. Devi Skandamata is depicted as seated on lotus in meditation. Owing to this, she is also known as Padmasani. Planet Buddha is reckoned to be governed by Goddess Skandamata. By worshipping her devotees will be blessed with immense love and affection.

Divine Mantra:

????????????????????????????????? |
?????????????????????????????????? ||

Singhasanagata nityama padmasritakaradvaya |
subhadastu sada devi skanda mata yasasvini ||

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