Destination 150: A living in the greenest zone of Noida

The Sector 150 of Noida city is blessed as the greenest sector. For the same reason, the sector has lured many respected and reputed builders to come with some exotic residential complexes in the sector. On among these is the blend of Tata Value Homes and Lotus Greens who have come up with Destination 150 in this sector. Today, with our article here, we are going to pit some more light on the delicacies served by this region.

tata destination 150 noida

The sector id subjected to get zero amount of urban development in its green belt. This will leave the whole sector with lush green covers which are going to be a plus factor for the future residents of the sector. This means that the developers of Destination 150 have made a smart move by developing an exotic kind of residential project here. Moreover, the project also marks the debut entry of Tata Value homes in the Noida city.

Additional factors with Destination 150:

The entire complex of Destinations comes coupled with the best connectivity aids as well as the natural aids. The connectivity is verified from the fact that the project lies just next to the Noida-Greater Noida E-way and near to the Yamuna E-way. For the natural things, it is clearly seen that Tata Destination 150 is surrounded with Rivers Hindon and Yamuna. So, it’s the residents of Tata Destination 150 Noida who are going to witness all the comforts of modern luxury as well as the natural life.


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