Dehradun –The new real estate hub

The scenic and immensely beautiful city of Dehradun is the capital of Uttrakhand. ‘Dera’ and ‘Doon’ are the words from which the name Dehradun has been derived. Located in extremely close vicinity to the all important national capital region, thousands of people flock towards Doon in order to have a good time on their weekends. Doon is all set to be taken by storm as it rightly being developed as a counter magnet to the region of Delhi-NCR. Doon is known to one and all for its proximity to Mussorie, cutting edge education institutes, natural resources and breathtaking views all year round. People have flocked to Doon for decades now in order to make it their retirement home. But in recent times, a plethora of state of the art commercial and residential realty projects have turned Doon into a red hot real estate destination for investors and end users alike.

indexmainHumungous ROI: Prices of properties in Doon have surged ahead in recent times. The real estate arena of the entire nation has been struggling for the past 2 to 3 years but Doon’s market has stood the test of time to post a massive positive growth. According to a recent reliable survey, Doon’s realty space is on the verge of a growth explosion and the prices will continue to rise in the near future. It has also been ranked by NRIs as the 5th most preferred destination for making real estate investments. Therefore, the prospects of high return on investments are extremely high. So investing your hard earned money is a safe and lucrative bet for all.

Scenic and natural beauty: An array of mighty and beautiful mountains, lush greenery all around, pleasant climate all year long and scenic landscapes which are soothing to the soul all around Doon make it undoubtedly one of the nation’s most soothing, scenic and calm city to live in. Therefore anyone and everyone who aspires to live in the lap of Mother Nature and away from the chaotic life and pollution of a gigantic city are migrating to Doon at a fiercely rapid pace.

Education hub: Dehradun is also rightly and fondly known as the Knowledge and education Capital of our entire nation. Doon possesses a plethora of world class and game changing schools and educational institutions across all levels. Doon University, Doon school, FRI, ICFAI University, IRDE, RIMC, DEAL are just few of our countries most well renowned institutes which Dehradun is home to. All in all Dehradun is the most sought after and in demand educational center of India.

Industrial hub: Dehradun is an integrated industrial hub like no other and has thus rightly attracted whopping inflows of monetary investments from a torrent of firms and high net worth individuals. Way too many manufacturing and information technology companies have installed their operation at the wonderful Doon, thus extending some much required impetus for employment in the area. The city of Doon has also recently witnessed an end to all its commuting and connectivity woes. A proposed state of the art 4 lane Delhi-Dehradun highway is all set to positively impact the landscape and face of Dehradun even more.

So explore Doon almost immediately and add a tinge of calm, serenity and peace in your otherwise stressed life.

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