Be Smart – Buy a Smart Home & change your life

The world was transformed completely when the new age marvel known as smartphones was first introduced. But today almost everyone has a Smartphone and uses it to cruise through one’s life. Smartphones aren’t the trending topic anymore. Smartphones are actually so passé. We live in a world where trends come and go. Some of the trends become a rage and go on to become the way of life. While others remain a fad for a short amount of time and die a slow death. Smart cars, smart mosquito repellent cards and smartphones are just few of the successful ones. But a recent trend which has caught on the fancy of the entire world is that of Smart Homes.

smartenergy_1Think of a scenario when you have just stepped out of your home and panic instantly takes over because you could have to switch off your TV, turn off the geyser or worse, forgot to lock your precious house. Such a situation holds the power to spoil your entire day. But this wouldn’t happen if you lived in a smart home.

Tablets and smartphones have technologically advanced to such an extent that you can easily turn your dream home into the smartest home on the block. The only things you need are the smart home application installed on your phone or tablet along with the smart home device at your home. Such devices utilize radio signals, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to access the electronic devices in your home.

The very first smart home came into existence way back in the year 1975. The home was called X10 and was developed by a Scottish real estate firm. X10 enabled its residents to switch electronic devices on and off from a distant without having to reach out to the switch board again and again. But obviously smart homes have come a long way since then. Now you can access appliances at your home via your tablet or phone.

Zigbee and Z-Wave are the two most popular radio waves networks which are operational in the country as of now, who utilize radio frequencies and mesh networks to transmit the desired message to your appliances from anywhere in the world. Z-Wave and Zigbee in turn collaborate with manufacturers of electronic devices and that’s how smart devices are born.

A stress free life is not the only benefit of smart homes. One can save on electricity bills by switching off appliances from a far location. Your home definitely is more secure now than before as it is way smarter and safer than what it earlier used to be. Smart CCTV and other safety appliances will surely keep unwanted guests at bay. Also the comfort level of living in a smart home cannot be compared with that of the other homes.

So if you are out shopping or working in office then don’t take an inch of stress. Smart Homes are by your side always. Smart Homes are indeed here to stay. So be smart and turn your dream home into a smart home today.

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