A Development designed to cater the best architecture

imperia armada yamuna expresswayIn any living space, everyone demands the best-designed area. This is, in fact, true that the feeling of harmony incorporation with nature comes underlined on how the architecture of a particular project has designed it. The science behind these innovative steps is the reason for the breathtaking living spaces.

Imperia Armada designed by Imperia Developers is the best example of such a science. The living space engulfed in this area comes with sun-kissed bedrooms and wind-swept balconies. The size variations of these apartments are as follows-

  • 2BHK Super Area: 1056 sq. ft. (98.1 sq. m.)
  • 2BHK Super Area: 1065 sq. ft. (98.94 sq. m.)
  • 3BHK Super Area: 1680 sq. ft. (156.07 sq. m.)
  • 3BHK Super Area: 1735 sq. ft. (161.18 sq. m.)

Imperia Armada, in total, has 7 towers comes covered up in a total area of 8 acres. All the towers of the project are angled in such a way which allows the entry of the maximum amount of sunlight so that every corner of the living area gets filled up with sunlight and wind. The best part, not tower comes under the shadow of another one which means that every tower is entitled to get sunlight.

Moreover, Imperia Armada has unique and special wrap around balconies which will bring the maximum view of the exotic and stunning vistas from the surroundings. Therefore, Imperia Armada Yamuna Expressway is a well-suited development for a perfect living as it has the best-designed area to mark the peace to the fullest.


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