The positive impacts of demonetization on Real estate sector

demonetization impact on real estatePost declaration of demonetization, a misleading perception has rose in the country regarding the real estate sector. If the long term effect of this step is seen then it can be concluded that the sector will witness a positive change. This shift will allow the sector to enjoy a more transparent and organized environment, thus, providing many reasons for the home buyer to go happy. This article is a successful compilation of the top five such reason that will lead to this happiness and will make you think that this is the right time to invest in the property.

Lower Home Loans:

With demonetisation, the flow of money from the organized sectors and small scale industries to banks has increased which has led to huge deposits. This has opened a new way through which people will be able to get home loans at very low rates.

This liquidity will bring stabilization in price and the market will turn positive for buyer. Also, the bank along with the liquidity of money will convert the repo rate into lower borrowings for home loans.

Resuming the Held Projects:

Those projects that were delayed due to cash crunch will pick up the speed. Moreover, this flow of cash will allow the real estate sector to avail loans from the banks at better rates in comparison to what was offered in the past.

Investment in Infrastructural Development:

This step will increase the collection of steps and thus the government will get more exposure so as to invest in this sector, leading to the infrastructural development of the country. After granting connectivity to those who have invested in the projects related to affordable housing will gain from the development

Rise of Transparent Process for Home Buying:

With demonetization, a huge shift has been seen towards a cashless economy. All the transaction, now being done though card, will not only bring ease but also transparency.

With all the above discussed steps, it can be ruled out that the buyers must make the most of this opportunity. Since, one can get easy financial aid, therefore this is the perfect time to invest in the real estate sector.


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