No More Obstacles for Noida’s Jewar Airport

noida international airportThe Government has notified to acquire 1,220 hectares for Jewar airport, while 1,138 have already been acquired.

As the district administration has received consent from a large number of landholders till Monday, the UP government is going to acquire land for the first phase of the international airport in Jewar. The aim is to acquire 1,220 hectares out of which 1,138 hectares have been acquired by getting consent from 3,076 landowners.

The total number of 8,300 owners will decide the land acquisition for 1,220 hectares, which is required for the first phase of the project. The consent for the 93% of earmarked land has been received by the government.

On Monday a meeting at Gautam Buddha University was held by a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) team to proclaim that 1,775 families would get displaced in the project.

The farmers who have bigger plots have given their consent while small farm owners are still skeptical. The administration is working to complete the consent-taking process as soon as possible said Balram Singh, Additional District Magistrate (Land & Acquisition), Gautam Buddh Nagar.

The news is great for the real estate sector as the approval of the airport will increase the value of the land in and around. The connectivity will also improve in the area, which will profit the real estate market.

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