Missing sector link to be soon developed by HUDA

gurgaon roadsThe construction of master road in the sector 82 and 82A has begun. This missing link will be constructed by HUDA and will help in connecting the two regions with neighboring areas and with the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway.

As per the sources, although this link got completed in many sectors lying between that 81 and 95 but the roads of sectors 82/82A and 84 were held up because of infringements and legal obstacles. Now that it is about to complete soon, this 2km-long road in the sectors 82/82A will enhance connectivity of the whole region. Recently, HUDA took hold of nearly 10 acres of land which included farmland to make sure that the path for this link gets paved.

The administrator of HUDA, Yashpal Yadav claimed that completion of this road will reduce the travelling time for residents who are living in that area. The other officials of HUDA too claimed that the road of sector 84 got delayed because of crematorium and a few structures at Genda Ram Ki Dhani. But now that the court has granted permission for the shifting of crematorium and the people from Genda Ram Ki Dhani are provided with alternative plots, the construction will commence soon.

As per some sources, the work on infrastructure development is yet to complete in various new sectors from 58-115 of Gurgaon due to resource constrain. Manohar Lal Khattar, the Chief Minister of Haryana during his recent visit to Gurgaon announced division of these sectors in 4 zones so as to carry out the phase-wise development. The four phases will include the following sectors like sectors 58-67, sectors 68-80, sectors 81-95 and sectors 96-115.

The CM also admitted that the infrastructure development in new sectors was a complex issue that includes the infrastructure development charges (IDC) from developers and recovering of pending external development charges (EDC) apart from redressal of complaints of developers and consumers in those areas.

The officials of HUDA said that it is not an easy task to construct the infrastructure, solve the concerns of developers and buyers and collect the EDC simultaneously in an area like this. Therefore, the authorities have taken the phase-wise development.

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