Jewar Airport: A Breakthrough for Greater Noida’s Real Estate

jewar airportThe second international airport in Delhi/NCR is intended at Jewar, Uttar Pradesh.  Jewar is located in the outskirts of Greater Noida; Yamuna Expressway is connecting Jewar and Greater Noida. Recently, BJP government revived the plan of this Jewar airport, resulting reinvigorate in residential and real estate conditions of Greater Noida.

At present, there are several residential and commercial projects going on in Greater Noida, decision of Jewar airport will positively upgrade the market value of both Residential and Commercial sectors respectively. At this point any infrastructure activity will enhance the value of it. The rapid impact on the area will fall in the radius 30-40 Km of the airport, which includes, Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida and Noida. However, successive impact will fall upon the zone of 50-60 km as well.

Although it would take time to fabricate and construct the airport but one can plan after the declaration accordingly. Nevertheless, the interests in neighboring projects will tend to grow comparatively. The vicinity regions of the airport will ultimately result in higher housing demand and better price appreciation. This new airport will uplift the demerits of the region and the infrastructure will be livable and endurable. People will often invest here as they will realize the worth of these areas. The airport close to Noida and Greater Noida, so it will be easier to reach a large number of the population, which will boost economic activity, connectivity and market value altogether.

This airport will not just decongest over burdened Delhi airport but also cater a number of major cities like Agra, Bulandshahr, Meerut and Mathura among others.

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