Government seals & demolished unsafe, illegal buildings in Delhi NCR

A few buildings collapsed in Delhi NCR in recent days, the Government finally took an initiative to seal and demolish unsafe and illegal buildings

illegal buildingsOn Friday, Noida Authority demolished around 10 unauthorized buildings in Garhi Chaukhandi and served unsafe’ notice on a five-storey building in the neighborhood, hours after an under-construction structure collapsed in the area.

After Noida authority got the news of the building has been collapsed, a team from the Authority went to the area and found that the building had collapsed due to its poor construction materials and inherent weakness.

The authority had sealed the building four months back by serving the notice for demolition, thankfully there were no occupants present in the building at the time of the collapse. There are several cases occurred in Delhi NCR and some of the wrongdoers have been arrested.

Ghaziabad also met such an incident on Sunday where a five-storey building collapsed and after it, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has started sealing the illegal constructions. 84 buildings have been sealed till Tuesday. GDA official said the drive to seal the illegal constructions will continue.

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