Bring good luck to your home; follow these Vastu tips

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to “science of architecture.” It is an amalgamation of art, astronomy, astrology, and science. It is comprised of the five elements of nature, air, water, earth, space, and fire, which helps to manage and balances the materials and atmosphere of the house.

vastu tipsThe right Vastu in house helps to keep the positivity in along with the mind in solace, which brings prosperity, wealth, and good luck. Many people believe in it and some don’t but it surely affects the lives positively slowly but gradually.

The projects we offer are already vastu-friendly constructed but here are some more tips to bring the positivity and good luck in your home and lives:

Ideal direction for the entrance

The entrance of your home is what matters the most because it is the main part from where the positivity and good vibes will enter. The main door of the house must be a wooden one, bright, and clean. The nameplate in front of the entrance is a good sign but do not keep the shoe-rack as it blocks positive energy.

The wall at the entrance

The wall at the entrance shouldn’t be left naked and empty because it represents emptiness. You can either hand a painting, fancy mirror, or DIY it. When anyone enters the house the first thing they face is the wall so it has to be well managed or decorated.

Bedroom full of positivity

A bedroom is a place where we sleep and where we sleep we need silence, peace, and positivity. There must get the natural light inside your bedroom which will bring fresh air followed by positivity. The amount of furniture should be minimum, walls colored with light and pleasing colors, and don’t keep the bed in the corner.

Keeping the Aquarium

Aquarium attracts wealth and fortune, bringing it in your home and keeping it in the north-east position of the room you will invite the positivity and good luck. The water of the aquarium has to be well aerated and clean in which the constant movement of the fish will keep the flow of wealth energized.

There are several other tips which keep your home full of positivity, like putting some plants in the pathway or verandah as it will provide the fresh air and positivity.

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