Swine Flu – Desi Home Remedies

Step into a public place and one can instantly notice the effect Swine Flu has had on the people of India. The rising number of casualties due to the deadly swine flu has given people jitters and rightly so. Face mask has become an accessory, hugs and handshakes have been replaced by the more traditional Namaste and much more. Everybody is running scared of the flu. But it is of paramount importance to remember that precaution is better than cure. India is a great country and so are some of these Desi remedies which can assist one in keeping swine flu at bay.

– Consuming five duly washed Basil (Tulsi) leaves during the early morning hours can be immensely helpful in fighting swine flu. Tulsi possesses a plethora of therapeutic qualities and helps in keeping the throat and lungs crystal clear. Tulsi is also pretty effective in strengthening a person’s immunity and against fighting infections of any and every kind.

– One of the most commonly and easily available plant in many areas of India is Giloi. Processed Giloi powder can also be easily accessed as an over the counter product. Giloi can work wonders for a person’s immunity thus protecting against the swine flu virus.

– A tiny, miniscule piece of Camphor (Kapoor) approximately the size of a capsule or a tablet can be consumed once or a maximum of twice a month to keep the flu away.

– Intake of warm milk with a tinge of turmeric powder every night has proven to be an effective combatant against swine flu.

– Consuming two pods of raw garlic with lukewarm water first thing in the morning can empower a person’s immunity to wage battle against swine flu.

Inflenzium 200 and Pyrogenium 200 is a couple of Homeopathic medicines which are effective against common flu virus and its consumption can help in keeping swine flu at bay.

Aloe Vera is another commonly available plant in India. Its intake helps in avoiding skin problems, joint pains and is a sure shot immunity booster.

– Regular consumption of citrus rich fruits, especially Amla is highly advised.

– Doing Pranayam on a daily basis daily and going for morning exercise/jog/walk regularly helps immensely to keep one’s throat and lungs in excellent shape and body in fine condition. Even in small measures, it will work immense wonders to boost one’s body’s resistance against all such diseases which primarily attack the nose, throat and lungs, besides keeping you in prime health and fit.

– And Last but definitely not the least, wash your hands thoroughly and frequently every day with soap and warm water for 20-25 seconds; especially before every meal, or each time after touching any surface whatsoever that you suspect could be contaminated with flu virus like a door handle or a handle/knob, especially if you have accessed a public place or transport. Alcohol-based sanitizers and hand cleaners should be kept handy without fail at all times and used in tandem with soap and warm water.

Once again, no one can stress enough that precaution is definitely better than cure. So protect yourself and your loved ones this season by judiciously and religiously following these tried and tested remedies.

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