Rahul Gandhi supports Net Neutrality – RGforNetNeutrality

Only one day is left to make your voice heard in support of Net Neutrality. Over 9 Lakh messages and emails have been sent to TRAI against the zero rating and internet.org platforms. 24th is the official deadline to convey your support, so if you care for your privacy and rights, then don’t waste another second, do your bit as soon as possible.

Net Neutrality has also drawn support from a highly unlikely quarter which nobody could have guessed in their wildest of dreams, but any support for Net Neutrality is good support right now. Rahul Gandhi, also known as RAGA seems to be back from hiatus with a bang. In his 2nd parliamentary address in merely 3 days, Rahul Gandhi stood in firm support of Net Neutrality and not surprisingly, firmly against the BJP government. RAGA pointed out that the government is carving out internet in favour of greedy corporates. The 44 year old was quick to point out that close to a whopping million people are waging a war in support of Net Neutrality and establishment of new laws to protect it is the need of the hour.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s IT minister however was quick to defend himself. He commented that his department is under no pressure at all from any firm to comply with their requests. Instead his department is committed to ensuring internet for every Indian and safeguarding of Net Neutrality. But sadly for Mr. Prasad, the damage was already done. #RGforNetNeutrality was trending on Twitter in no time.

But that was not the end of the war, as it carried on outside the Parliament as well. Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP government is snatching land from poor farmers and is now destroying the fundamental right of Net Neutrality. Ravi Shankar Prasad reiterated that RaGa couldn’t be more wrong.

Keeping the inter party conflicts aside, Rahul Gandhi stated that he and Congress are firmly in support of Net Neutrality, which is the principle that all telecom operators and ISPs should treat every website equally and not charge differential prices for preferential treatment. The speed and price at which every website is accessible should be exactly the same.

Net Neutrality is severely threatened in the country because of the proposed Airtel Zero platform. A plethora of individuals, corporates and celebrities have voiced their support for Net Neutrality. Companies like Cleartrip, Flipkart and the likes have already withdrawn from Airtel Zero, a move which has garnered a torrent of appreciation for them. Protecting Net Neutrality is the need of the hour and every net user should play their part in this fight. Save the Internet, are the words one should swear by at the moment. The netizens of India are not going down without a tough fight.

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