‘One family – One house’ rule in Noida soon

The twin cities of Greater Noida and Noida are growing at a pace like no other. Noida has undoubtedly become the face of NCR in a pretty short span of time. Therefore people, who visit the city even once, can’t wait to come back for more. What has helped Noida in steering ahead of times is the proactiveness of the concerned authorities in the city. Any and every issue or problem which threatens the city is wiped out before it can do any significant damage. One such instance is the proposed ‘One family-One house’ rule in the city.

Central ground water authority operating in the region has proposed the rule in an attempt to handle the severely depleting level of ground water in the city. As per the CGWA, the unique policy should be made applicable with immediate effect in the cities of Greater Noida and Noida. In a detailed report which was submitted by CGWA to the all important NGT – national green tribunal, the authority has suggested that preference should be given to houses being bought for residential use instead of the ones bought in order to multiply one’s wealth.

If such a rule is implemented then the level of ground water will reach the desired level as indiscriminate concretization of Noida will be severely discouraged. The water bank of the city has been depleting at an immensely fiery speed. If things would have got out of control then the emerging city would have faced a dangerous water crunch. Thus the authorities have got their act together in time and the situation will soon be under control.

For the last 3 to 4 years, the ground water level is fast depleting at a whopping rate of 3.87 meter on an annual basis. This rate of depletion was way lower before the year 2012. According to recent estimates, the next 2 to 3 years are immensely critical if a disastrous shortage has to be averted and that’s why the solution was suggested to the NGT. So if the vibrant Noida Authority and the center government extend a go ahead to the suggestion then very soon there will only be one house per family in Greater Noida and Noida.

The suggestion however has not been received well by the real estate players and several other firms, individuals and government authorities. The decision will adversely affect the business of real estate developers and marketers in the city. Also if people are banned from investing in residential real estate then how will the city be able to grow? So obviously the intentions behind the suggestion are absolutely right but it is most definitely not well thought of. But government authorities who have to take a final call regarding this are expected to come up with a balanced solution which will not deteriorate the ground water level or growth of Noida. Noida and its realty market will continue to prosper and develop at a rapid pace, period.

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