Noida’s traffic Park to see light of the day soon

When you manage to drive on the wrong side and get away with breaking traffic rules in broad daylight, then you know you are in the city of Noida. Noida is one place in the fast emerging Delhi-NCR region where not following traffic rules is as acceptable as strictly adhering to them. The situation is getting from bad to worse with each passing day. Multiple accidents occurring on a daily basis are not helping matters either. But things might change for the better really soon.

In an attempt to spread awareness about traffic rules and bring about a paradigm shift by conducting workshops, the vibrant and all important Noida Authority is all set to commence construction of state of the art Traffic Park in Noida’s sector 108. A traffic park after all is the need of the hour. The traffic park was conceptualized close to eight years back but is finally turning into a reality in the year 2015. Sector 108 is located near Noida Expressway and construction of the project is expected to begin from March onwards.

Sandeep Chandra, who is the project in charge, attributes delay in the much awaited project to the non allocation of land for the project. The land for Traffic Park was allotted in 2014 thus causing the delay. Post the allocation of land, tenders were floated almost instantly and the construction is all set to commence in a span of few days. The authority is confident of no further delay in the project.

The proposed Traffic Park is a huge project indeed and has been rightly divided into five parts to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. The construction of atleast three parts is expected to commence next week. These include but are not limited to construction of internal passages, traffic signals, boundary wall of the traffic park, life size models of flyovers, roundabouts, subways, bus stops, and bridges amongst others.

The traffic police and ARTO will use the facility to impart some much needed knowledge about traffic rules and safe driving to the people of Noida via workshops. The traffic park will also sport a counter for Noida’s traffic police where an officer will always be on duty and a separate arena for conducting driving tests of people applying for a driving license.

As the main motive behind the traffic park is to impart knowledge amongst commuters, therefore no fee will be charged from people accessing the facility. Though things might change and a fare might be levied after a meeting is held of all the authority figures. According to the Noida Authority the project will approximately take 10 months time to complete. Post the construction; the traffic park will be opened for public access.

Once operational, the traffic park is all set to change the dynamics of Noida’s road. Sane drivers who follow the traffic rules have their fingers crossed that the new facility will imbibe some much needed traffic and civic sense in the perpetual rule breakers.

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