Noida welcomes its very own health clinic and registered e-rickshaws

Noida has come a long way in the past few decades to become the force that it is today. Rightly considered to be as UPs most desirable city, Noida is very well on its way to becoming the new face and pride of the entire nation as well. Already very well established as NCRs most in demand entertainment, education and employment destination, Noida is on an unstoppable roll. But that’s not the best part. Things are getting even prettier and state of the art by the day.

e-rickshaw- noida

For instance, the all important Noida Authority, in a very first of its kind move has zeroed in on setting up a game changing and cutting edge Wellness and health clinic at the heart of Noida, sector 47. The pre bid and technical bid process for the same is estimated to be completed by May 2015 end. The facility will be spread on a humungous 1150 square meters of land. The facility will be housed in a multi storey complex which will also comprise several floors for commercial use as well.

The health and wellness clinic facility will consist of a family welfare center, dispensary, health center, spa, well equipped gymnasium amongst several other facilities. The aim of the project is to aid the people of Noida in maintaining good physical as well as psychological health. The concerned authority has already initiated the process to prepare design and blueprints for the facility. A timely and successful development and completion of the project is what the vibrant authority is aiming for. So live a life of sheer relief pretty soon, the health center is here to save the day.

In another major development, the city of Noida has allowed registration for e-rickshaws with immediate effect. Thousands of commuters use e-rickshaws for their daily travelling needs. But till this date, these e-rickshaws were not registered; neither did their drivers have a valid license. With this move, things will get streamlined even further. Now these e-rickshaws can ply on roads fearlessly, thus making commuting a whole lot easier for the otherwise hapless travelers.

These are just a couple of examples which can be sought to gauge the aura of development surrounding Noida. Every day the city witnesses and is at the receiving end of new revolutionary developments. So explore Noida, the city of the future, today and live the good life.

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