Noida is becoming greener & safer by the minute

Noida is one of the fastest growing and emerging cities of the nation. A slew of state of the art projects have turned its physical and social infrastructure into a force to be reckoned with. Thousands of people flock towards Noida from neighbouring cities for all their employment, education, medical and entertainment requirements. But many issues had plagued the city for long but are slowly and steadily being ironed out. If recent developments are taken in accord then Noida is becoming greener and safer by the minute.noida greener and safer

The 24KM long Noida-Greater Noida expressway currently possesses merely one foot over bridge. Pedestrians who try to cross the same are always in danger as the road is a high speed one. But the risks involved in crossing the street might soon become a thing of the past. The all important Noida Authority is all set to create a slew of foot over bridges on the busy expressway. Pedestrian’s safety will get the much needed boost as a result.

In the initial phase 4 cutting edge foot over bridges will be built from the 11.5KM to 19.6KM stretch of the expressway. But many more FOBs will be built in the very near future. Currently there is just 1 FOB near Amity University while the tenders for the second FOB at sector 168 have already been initiated. The authority has been under constant pressure from the residents of Noida to improve safety of pedestrians for a while now. But the Noida authority is now fully and absolutely dedicated towards achieving the same. The authority is all set to undertake an initial survey which will help them in identifying the spots where FOBs should be constructed along with an estimation of costs involved. Roads are meant to be safe and they shall be pretty soon.

Another immensely innovative initiative by a group of Noida residents will foster vermi-compost inside the city’s society parks, it will thereby be productively making use of fallen leaves which otherwise would have been burnt, thus preventing a foremost culprit causing air pollution in and around the city of Noida.

This game changing initiative is being led by a city based NGO known as CEIS – Citizen Environment Improvement Society. Project is being funded by citizens of the city, along with corporate backing. The project has already been initiated at Sector 28, 29 & 37. In the initial phase of establishment, a similar vermi-compost facility was earlier set up at Sector 54 and Botanical Garden.

This movement is an attempt to curb Noida’s high environmental pollution by putting a stop to burning of leaves. Converting of organic waste into vermi-compost is possible and highly viable at Noida. So at the moment these vermi-compost plants are being installed on a trial basis. The NGO has installed 2 in each of these highly crucial sectors. If the trial run is successful then the same will be extended to all sectors of Noida. So get ready for a safer and greener Noida pretty soon, you deserve it after all.

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