Noida gets its very own ROBOCOP to manage DND

Noida seems to be at the forefront of anything and everything under the sun these days. Noida is Ups most well established medical, entertainment, education and employment hub. Thus naturally more and more people want to change their life for the better by staying at Noida and its twin counterpart of Greater Noida. But the beauty of Noida lies in the fact that things are becoming even better by the minute. But in a very first of its kind move, the fast developing juggernaut known as Noida is all set to get its very own Robocop. Yes, you read it right.

ROBOCOP to manage DNDThe all important DND flyover is all set to utilize a state of the art robot in order to manage the otherwise out of control traffic and guide commuters to drive in a safer manner. The Robocop is being brought in as a much needed experiment, the 5 feet tall cutting edge machine, which is a cutout comprising of strategic mechanical parts, has been fixed with reflective lights on each of its arms. The driver will surely be able to see it even from a massive distance. These robots will therefore be used to regulate and guide traffic in case of an accident or diversions during road repairs.

On robot’s left hand amber light will be fixed, which will signify a work in progress repair work at the DND flyway. The right hand is fitted with a red light, which will point out whether the movement of traffic is prohibited at the right side because of ongoing work. A reflective pointing arrow will be placed below and will point out to commuters the correct direction which they should follow. This highly useful arrow signboard will be adjustable manually.

The robot will have to be wheeled from place to place as per the requirements. Materials used to make the robot comprise of reflective tapes, stainless steel and plastic and can efficiently withstand and fight temperatures ranging in between 10 to 60 degree Celsius. The robot will run on 2 batteries of 12 volts each. The robot is a sturdy machine and will work effectively during all seasons and weather conditions including the heavy downpour of monsoon as the robot is absolutely waterproof.

Currently, the robocop is proposed to be utilized on a pilot basis and it will mostly be upgraded at a later stage subject to the feedback received. Robots right hand presently indicates a red light only. The very same hand will also be utilized to display green light as well to the commuters. Repairs work and road resurfacing are processes which have to be undertaken on a regular basis and the robot will be of immense assistance to the authorities, especially during nights.

It is highly innovative moves and projects like this which is transforming Noida into a force impossible to stop. Noida is seamlessly and effortlessly on its way to becoming the most futuristic city of our great country.

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