Metro Phase 3 – Deadline fast approaching

Delhi Metro has been serving the people of Delhi-NCR for over a decade now. To say that the whole of NCR would come to a halt without the metro will not be an understatement. Metro is on an expansion spree which will positively change the face of Delhi as we know it. One such expansion project is the most awaited phase 3. But as of now things hang in the balance as the fate of its timely delivery remains uncertain.

With the deadline of 2016 approaching at a rapid pace, Delhi Metro networks much awaited phase 3 still has an extremely long way to go before its two new corridors can get commissioned. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) had earlier announced that phase 3s tunneling work is expected to be over by the end of this year, the major chunk of important work including but not limited to testing of a new signaling system and installation will still be pending, leaving no time to waste for the DMRC. Every second counts, literally. Wasting time is a luxury they can’t afford.

According to an official statement issued by DMRC, the 140 KM long phase 3 of Delhi Metro is on its way to be completed on time as per the given schedule. The work is on in full swing and is expected to be ready for commissioning by 2016 subject to removal of slum cluster near Mayapuri and Punjabi Bagh. Earlier, the head of DMRC Mr. Mangu Singh had conveyed to the Delhi chief secretary, warning him that if the requisite land is not acquired and handed over to Delhi Metro on time, the completion of phase III could be severely impacted. Officials had also added that while the rest of the work related to phase 3 is going ahead of time, these bottlenecks could end holding up sections of the two new corridors. Thus the two new corridors might be opened in sections one by one. Delhi Metro is rightly aiming to start commissioning these particular sections by mid-2016.

The much anticipated phase 3 project of DMRC has thus far progressed at just the right pace. The contracts for signaling, electrification, track, rolling stock and telecommunications have already been mobilized. Post the completion of civil work, the overhead electrification will be instantly erected. The all important Delhi Metro is implementing and using a state of the art new signaling system for the very first time. Rigorous trials will be held to ensure smooth functioning of the new system.

All the lines are expected to be fully and completely operational by the end of 2016 but a delay in land acquisition and extensive trials of the signaling system can play spoilsport and party poopers.

The entire population of Delhi-NCR rightly has its fingers crossed for a timely execution of phase 3. If everything goes as per the plans then timely completion of the project will lead to much better connectivity in the all important region of NCR and would make life of its residents hassle free and way lot easier. DMRC is very much capable of delivering phase 3 as per the schedule, just as it has done a number of times in the past.

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