Home Buyers should be concerned about Net Neutrality. Here’s why.

Nobody knew or cared about net neutrality till about just a few days’ back. But at this moment, net neutrality is the trending topic in every living room. Everybody, without exception, has a viewpoint on net neutrality and is doing their bit to ‘Save the Internet’. Mark Zuckerberg, Airtel and the likes have voiced their support for internet.org and the zero rating platform but countless individuals and firms like Cleartrip, Flipkart and Newshunt are against it as well.

A platform like ‘Airtel Zero’, on the face of it extremely beneficial for the user as it extends free and unlimited access to the websites affiliated with the platform. But more often than not, they end up violating the most basic principles of Net Neutrality which are, that every website should be accessible to all users at the very same speed and cost. But if you are on a home hunting or investment spree, then should you be sweating over Net Neutrality? The answer is a yes.

– Just imagine a scenario where you have to choose between something which is absolutely free and something which you will have to pay for. It is an absolute no brainer, eleven out of ten times you will go ahead with the free variant. Therefore platforms like these will lead to death of various startups and will end up making the internet less diverse then what it is right now.

– If telecom operators and internet service providers commence charging real estate portals for preferential treatment then the costs involved in purchasing your dream home will skyrocket. Many services which aid in buying a home, for instance, videos, visual tours, brochures amongst others will have to be paid for unlike now, when it is available for free.

– If you do a google search for real estate consultants in Noida then such platforms will adversely affect your query results. Certain ISPs will block the websites which are not affiliated to them. Thus the costs will rise significantly for investors and buyers alike, and in worst case scenario’s might even lead to wrong decision making.

– It is of paramount importance to be aware that net neutrality ensures a level playing field for home seekers and real estate consultants. Rating platforms like Airtel Zero will make access to apps and websites free only for people who are willing to shell out a lot of moolah. Thus all Homebuyers and investors, without exception will suffer if access to real estate websites becomes dearer.

So if you are interested in joining the fight to protect your rights and privacy, then send your message to TRAI without hesitating even for a second. Do your bit in the fight to “Save the Internet’, it is the need of the moment afterall.

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