Earthquake rattles Delhi-NCR

A mighty earthquake rattled the undisputed heart of India, Delhi-NCR, just a few moments back. Office goers are people enjoying their Saturday morning at homes were quick to step out of buildings in order to safeguard themselves. The sea of crowd remained outdoor till the tremors subdued.

The earthquake seems to have to emerged from Nepal and tremors could be felt across Delhi-NCR, UP, Bihar and West Bengal. The earthquake was 31 kilometer deep and initial reports suggest that it measured a mighty 7.5 on rector scale. The first jolt was experienced approximately at 11:44 AM and carried on a good minute or two. It was closely followed by another earthquake very soon.

Noida, Kolkata and Lucknow are the cities which experienced the mightiest of jolts. But luckily, no casualties have been reported as of this moment. Metro services have been put on hold in Kolkata in order to check tunnel for cracks or any other damage. Tremors were also felt in India’s neighbouring city of Pakistan as well.

Things seem to have been stabilized for now. But be agile and therefore be safe today and every other day for that matter. Step out of your premises if you feel the earth moving as soon as possible.

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