Navratri Festival 2015 is almost here
India is a country rich with culture, religion and traditions. Every week or two, Indians get the unmatched opportunity to celebrate a festival in style and rejoice along with their loved ones. India is also a case in point for
Swine Flu becomes even a bigger threat to India
In India, everybody knows what swine flu is. The deadly virus which has spread at an alarming rate in many parts of the country, has given sleepless nights to many. Access a public place and you will notice the negative
Heliport in Greater Noida soon
Greater Noida has been on an unstoppable role as of late. Establishment of several schools and colleges have forged Greater Noida into a education hub while introduction of certain unique initiatives like F1 race track, knowledge parks, night safari, expomarts,
Swine Flu – Desi Home Remedies
Step into a public place and one can instantly notice the effect Swine Flu has had on the people of India. The rising number of casualties due to the deadly swine flu has given people jitters and rightly so. Face
I-Thum, the future of IT Parks
Corenthum is a landmark of Noida and is very well known to one and all. Corenthum has been highly successful in forging new standards for how a commercial real estate project should be like. It has changed the landscape of
Swine Flu – Symptoms and Cure
H1N1 flu is called as Swine flu. It is known as swine flu because in the past people in direct contact with pigs were infected and more susceptible to the virus. But unfortunately the virus evolved and doesn’t need any
How did real estate fare in the year 2014?
2014 proved to be a mixed bag for the Indian real estate industry. The sluggish growth pattern displayed by Indian real estate might suggest a decline in demand for homes but economic slowdown’s effect on the real estate market was